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News Stoyan Bojinov Jan 23 Wondering what the best minds in the ETF industry are up to? The upcoming Inside ETFs conference... News Stoyan Bojinov Jan 23 To help investors keep up with markets, we present our ETF Scorecard, which takes a step back and... News Jared Cummans Jan 22 The ETF world is beginning to pick up steam as we move into the New Year, as there have already... News Major equity indexes on the home front continued their ascent in 2014, much to the bears growing frustrations.

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The indexes developed by Scientific Beta aim to address two key issues seen in traditional market cap weighted indexes: Exposure towards non-performing market factors Lack of diversification In order to address these issues, the Scientific Beta indexes utilize a proprietary stock selection and weighting methodology: Stock Selection: The indexes select stocks that provide exposure to four academically documented and widely accepted factors: Low volatility, Value, Momentum and Size. Weighting Methodology: The indexes use a proprietary weighting strategy to provide well diversified exposure, by combining 5 models: Maximum Deconcentration, Maximum Decorrelation, Efficient Minimum Volatility, Efficient Maximum Sharpe Ratio, and Diversified Risk Weighted. Be sure to also read Silicon Valley Meets Wall Street: The Next Evolution of ETFs . Diversified U.S. and European Equity Exposure The Diversified-Factor U.S. Large Cap Index Fund ( SBUS n/a) tracks the Scientific Beta United States Multi-Beta Multi-Strategy Equal Weight Index, which utilizes the methodology outlined above. The underlying youtradefx gold index will apply this strategy to a universe of the 500 largest and most liquid stocks listed on U.S.

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